The Enchanted Book & more

How might we take the spirit and technology behind the Enchanted Book—an interactive guest book—add a pinch of machine learning, and produce a multi-purpose education tool?

In addition to creating the Enchanted Book, we are working on a desktop kiosk that gives each individual student privacy while they record a lesson plan—or enter criteria for earning a micro-credential into an online form—in maker spaces.

Watch this space for links to entirely flipped curriculum: students will create lesson plans and digital badge criteria.

Elegant hand crafted guest book that holds an iPad (or any tablet) and captures greetings of guests—near and far— for your next wedding, funeral, birthday party, exhibition opening, convention, etc.


Bridget McGraw

Bridget found her way to technology through the art portal.

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Martina McCormick

Community Strategy for Equitable Outcomes


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Anca Mosoiu

Anca Mosoiu is a multidisciplinary software product developer with two decades of experience in the Internet and desktop software industry.

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Shami Oshun

Shami is applying her design aesthetic and skills to attaching a tablet to a traditionally bound book.

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Asa Nakata

Asa and Bridget are working on the physical structure of the Thingfully Desktop Kiosk and the Enchanted Book.

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Spectacles, by SnapChat

Can you get us a meeting with Evan Spiegel?

If anyone can introduce us to to Evan Spiegel, we have a solid use case for Snap Spectacles.

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